Fraud & Identity

Our Fraud and Identity solutions help businesses to conduct comprehensive due diligence with new customers and suppliers, by accurately verifying the identity of individuals electronically or face-to-face, and assessing fraudulent activity.

Market Overview

Our Fraud and Identity solutions help to verify a person’s identity and detect fraud. We use over 25 data sources to verify identity AND detect fraud before it occurs, reducing your risk and minimising your losses.

Our intuitive online technology and come-to-you verification service leads the industry, helping you to conduct comprehensive Customer Due Diligence easily.



Our GlobalScreening solution is locally hosted and customisable, allowing you to check watchlists and identify politically exposed persons around the world.

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Device Intelligence

Regarded as one of the most important first lines of defence, Device Intelligence from Equifax tracks customers doing business on stolen and fraudulent devices.

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Access a depth of fraudulent information not available anywhere else in Australia. FraudCheck is a members-only collaborative, knowledge-sharing service designed to stop fraudsters in their tracks.

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Australia’s most comprehensive electronic verification solution that accurately verifies individuals' identities and detects fraud.

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Australian Death Check

Australia’s only official up-to-date source of death data to help businesses identify deceased individuals. Helpful in maintaining accurate customer data, identifying deceased accounts sitting in arrears or collections, or preventing identity crime.

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Visa Checks via VEVO

Validate your customer’s residency status (VEVO) with speed and efficiency.

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Email Risk Search

Deter fraudsters and deliver a seamless customer experience. Validate identity and assess risk using email address metadata.

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Face-to-face identify verification for lenders, brokers, lawyers and conveyancers that's fast and flexible. Note: ZipID permanently closed 30 June 2023.

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Equifax Protect

Respond fast and help your customers take control in the event of a data breach.

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Key Benefits

Equifax's fraud & identity solutions can help you...

  • Better customer experience

    With fast and easy online and face-to-face solutions you can speed up and simplify your due diligence processes for your customers and suppliers.

  • Know who you’re dealing with

    Accurately verify identity details in real time, in seconds.

  • Compare against the government record

    Be assured we connect to the Document Verification Service (DVS) to validate identity details with the issuing body.

  • Get it done faster

    Combine identity and fraud checking using one service for a more comprehensive view.

  • Detect and help reduce fraud

    Real-time fraud data online immediately with alerts and warning systems.

  • Be assured of accuracy and compliance

    Equifax verifies identity against more than 25 data sources.

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