A tool for brokers

Gathering information required for your mortgage pre-qualification assessment doesn't have to be time-consuming or disjointed. Equifax Fact Finder brings the information you need to understand your applicant's financial suitability together on one dashboard screen.

With a single click, you can access:

  • Credit score & credit report summary 
  • income & expense summary
  • biometric ID verification
  • instant calculation of monthly surplus
  • real-time status updates.

A process built for speed

Your customers are guided through an intuitive online process to verify their identity and request consent for third-party access to their bank transaction data.

Halve the time spent on each pre-qualification and exceed customer expectations by minimising friction and reducing processing times.

Powered by our advanced analytic capabilities, market-leading consumer credit reporting data and bank transaction data technology, Equifax Fact Finder simplifies the pre-qualification process and helps your customers achieve their property goals faster.