Kount in Australia

Kount has now launched in Australia.

Protect your business against digital fraud and give your customers a frictionless journey from account login to payment transaction.

Kount uses AI technology and a global data network to identify risk and deliver highly accurate, automated identity trust decisions in less time than it takes you to blink. The results are immediate, including low false positives, high automation, low manual reviews, personalised customer experiences, and frictionless customer interactions – all of which help retailers grow their revenue.
With an Omniscore™ safety score produced for each transaction, it's quick and easy for businesses to decide whether to approve, decline or hold transactions. The highly predictive score can be relied upon when processing orders so that there is less reliance and time wasted on manual review and reactive fraud rules.

By making decisions based on the level of trust in a user's identity, you can stop fraudulent transactions in their tracks, whilst also removing obstacles from customers making genuine transactions. Provide great, streamlined experiences and fast checkouts for trusted customers or additional authentication for those customers who appear risky.

How it works

Whenever a potential customer interacts with your business, a highly accurate safety score called Omniscore™ is produced to establish their level of trust and risk. A low-risk, high-trust interaction indicates they are a good or returning customer. At the other end of the scale, a high-risk, low-trust result means they may be engaging in fraudulent activity.

To produce this safety score, Kount uses advanced AI equipped with supervised and unsupervised machine learning to analyse data from the interaction. A real-time comparison is made to billions of other interactions from a global data network that comprises Kount's Identity Trust Global Network™. This analysis establishes the potential customer’s and the interaction's level of identity trust.

Kount's unsupervised machine learning uses advanced algorithms and models to detect transaction anomalies and emerging fraud attacks. Kount's supervised machine learning analyses billions of historical transactions and looks for signals that have previously predicted fraud. These signals include device location, multiple cards associated with the same device and numerous requests coming from the same IP address.

The advanced AI technology continuously evolves and improves its algorithms to stay ahead of sophisticated fraudster techniques, such as account takeover and transaction fraud. Learning and adapting as new fraud trends emerge is vital to maximising order acceptance, providing both protection and opportunities to increase sales and revenue.

What is Kount's Identity Trust Global Network™?

Physical real-world and digital identifier data are behind every customer interaction, from account creation to login to payments. Kount's digital consumer identity data includes device IDs, email insights, IP locations, phone numbers, payment methods, buying behaviours, account creations, and more. These billions of identifiers provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer.

The Kount Identity Trust Global Network™ returns identity trust decisions by analysing these identifiers and establishing real-time links between identity elements. Built over 13+ years, this global network links signal data from:

  • 32 billion annual interactions across 250+ countries and territories
  • 75+ industries
  • 50+ payment processors and card networks
  • Thousands of fraud analyst decisions.

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