• When searching, I find it hard to assess general security interest priority (AllPAAP, or All Present and After Acquired Property registrations). How can Equifax help?

    PPSR in Visualisation has a unique AllPAAP Timeline feature which flags the secured party with the earliest AllPAAP, helping you to assess which secured party has priority. The AllPAAP Timeline uses original ASIC start dates rather than Register Commencement Time, where present, in order to help with this assessment.

  • Can I search with just an ABN or ACN and no company name?

    Yes. With Equifax, you can easily search on any, or all, of an organisation’s identifiers, in accordance with your search policy.

  • Do I get a PPSR Search Certificate at the end?

    Yes. Once you conduct a PPSR search, you will have the option to download the search certificate. If there are many registrations, we have a “Bulk Download” feature, so that you can obtain all search certificates at once. 

  • What is the process required for obtaining a Fastcheck report on a company?

    Please see the accompanying document titled “IQ Connect/ABR International reports ordering process” to understand the ordering process from either the IQ Connect or the ABR website.

  • Are the contents and layout of all reports from all countries the same to allow easy-to-read comparisons in financials or other criteria?


    All international reports, regardless of whether they be Fastcheck , Fullcheck , or Company Search & Validation, are 100% standardised and uniform in presentation for 230 countries. Other standardisation in reports include:

    • All reports are in professionally written English.
    • All figures listed under the tables for financials, capitalisation, export/import performance are in $US.
    • All names and addresses are uniform, enabling cross-country and regional comparative studies.
    • All textual references are indexed identically.
    • All entities are identified using a standard global I.D. system called "Global Identifier".
    • All subsidiaries, joint-ventures, affiliates, Parent holding companies are cross-referenced in an identical manner.
  • What happens if a User orders a Full-check report and it is not delivered within the projected delivery date?

    GlobalCIS® exerts every possible effort to produce reports within seven (7) working days. Occasionally, due to unforeseen complications, a report might be delayed. If there is a delay to a report, please contact the Equifax operations team and they will be able to provide further details.

  • At what stage do Users choose Fastcheck versus that of Fullcheck reports?

    This will depend entirely on the User's requirements for credit information and the ultimate objectives in accessing the report.

    For example, if a User is only accessing a report to gain some further insight into a company instantly and wish only to incur a minimal expense, then Fastcheck reports will achieve that objective.

    But if the User requires a completely up-to-date credit report, which has been re-investigated by an experienced team of credit analysts in the country in which the Subject Company is located as of the date of ordering, a Fullcheck report would be the best choice.

  • Can Users order Fullcheck reports on companies not existing in the GlobalCIS® database?


    When a User is unable to find a match to a company being researched on the on-file database, users can immediately order a Fullcheck report by clicking on the Fullcheck order button and completing an Order Form.

  • In terms of content, what is the difference between an In-depth Fastcheck report and a Fullcheck report?

    The data fields covered in an In-depth Fastcheck and a Fullcheck are identical. However, the major difference is two-fold:

    i. Depth of data.
    The actual contents of an in-depth Fastcheck credit report will depend mainly on what data has been pro-actively processed on a company up to that point in time when the User accesses the report. However, with a Fullcheck credit report ALL data elements are re-checked manually during the "production period" of the Fullcheck report and when additional data is obtained it is added to the report.
    ii. Currency of data
    The data in a Fullcheck credit report is guaranteed to be the most up-to-date information available on the Subject Company, whereas the data in a Fastcheck credit report can sometimes be dated, depending on the circumstances.

  • Do the International reports have a credit rating system? Does this include a credit limit as well?


    All Fullcheck credit reports are supplied with a credit scoring and risk analysis of the respective firm. These are generated from sophisticated software algorithms, which is proprietary information.
    The credit scoring and risk analysis is divided into two types of scenarios. Those firms which have disclosed detailed financials ("A Type") and those which due to Public Disclosure laws for that country are not obliged to provide such details ("Type B"). Hence we maintain sufficient flexibility to cope with all types of scenarios worldwide.
    The factors and weighting allocated in the Credit Scoring and Risk Analysis model include:

    Credit Scoring




    "A" TYPE

    "B" TYPE


    Financial Status

    • Financial standing
    • Banking relations
    • P&L





    • Experience & background
    • Education
    • Industry specialization





    • Organization
    • Structure




    Family involvement & support

    • Level of family involvement
    • Years of family involvement
    • Nature of family financial backing
    • Reputation of the family





    • Years in business
    • Original of business
    • Nature of development
    • Degree of specialization
    • Export/import history





    • Bounced checks
    • Trade references
    • Supplier / buyer references
    • Negative press coverage
    • Agencies maintained





    • Defendant
    • Litigating party





    • Known liabilities
    • Pending liabilities





    • Scale of operations
    • Operating character
    • Legal status
    • Employee size





    • Real estate used by firm
    • Factory / office value




    Industry trends

    • Market trend
    • Level of competition
    • Degree of uniqueness or patented products





    • Disclosed profits
    • Estimated degree of undisclosed profits

    Incl. In (1)



    "A" Type

    In instances whereby the company discloses Full financials including P&L.

    "B" Type

    In instances whereby there is no Public Disclosure requirement for disclosure.

    In addition to the credit scoring provided on Fullcheck reports GlobalCIS® also focuses on providing a more comprehensive company report, encompassing as much historical information and cross references to third parties as possible, to provide Users the ability to accurately gauge the credit worthiness of companies.

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