Veda to present at The Credit Scoring and Credit Control conference in the UK


Sydney, Australia, Monday 26th August 2013: The Credit Scoring and Credit Control conference is the premier international conference for credit scoring and related topics. With talks ranging from current industry issues to the latest statistical research findings, it bridges the researcher-practitioner divide and brings together credit providers, industry suppliers, and researchers. It is aimed at hands-on, technical practitioners and regularly draws 400 attendees from leading credit providers and scoring developers throughout the world. The value of the conference is reflected by its longevity – it has been running since 1989. This year’s conference will be held 28-30 August in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Dr. Ross Gayler, Senior Research & Development Consultant at Veda has been a regular speaker at the Credit Scoring and Credit Control conference. This year he has had a paper selected for presentation and he will also be chairing a session on “changing concepts” in credit scoring
Ross will be speaking about techniques in combining multiple statistical models that predict different aspects of consumer credit behaviour (such as default risk and fraud). Traditionally, credit providers have made decisions separately on these different aspects of behavior. But considering all the behaviours simultaneously can result in more predictive decisions and the development of more effective portfolio management strategies.
When credit providers have considered multiple behaviours simultaneously, they have used methods that impose a number of technical limits on the quality of the solution. Ross will discuss alternative methods of combining predictive models that overcome such limits. He will also be talking about the various design choices to be made in developing these systems.
Dr. Gayler has been working in credit scoring for as long as this conference has been running. He has a background in psychology and computer science; founded the first credit scoring team at ANZ; and held research and development roles with Experian and GE Money. He has a long-standing interest in the importance of design skills for ensuring that credit scoring systems integrate well with the constraints imposed by other systems and business requirements in credit providers’ environments.