Email addresses are routinely used for doing business online. With your company already capturing customer email information, using this information as a fraud detection tool allows for a fast, efficient customer service experience.

Email addresses are a unique global identifier and a highly predictive variable. People rarely change their email addresses, and each transaction using an email provides insight into customer behaviour.

Identify high-risk accounts

Email address metadata is rich with transaction history and can provide valuable insights when fuelled by active intelligence. The email risk search checks your customer’s email against a blacklist of known or highly suspicious email and phone data. You will get a predictive risk score for each email address, plus details of any risk and fraud signals.

Where to access

The email risk search is available via IDMatrix.

If you’re an IDMatrix customer, you can ‘switch on’ access to the email risk search. This means you will be able to perform an identity verification in parallel with the email risk search. Matched results will be incorporated into IDMatrix decisioning, in line with your business and compliance configuration.