Features & Benefits

Determine whether a transaction is a fraudulent attempt or a legitimate customer. Email risk search is available through IDMatrix.

  • Reduce customer friction

    Because you already capture customer email information, there will be no extra demands on your customer verification workflows. Reduce friction in your onboarding process and deliver a seamless experience for ongoing customer loyalty.

  • Protect against fraud

    Each time someone uses an email address, they leave behind a trail of transactions. Using email address metadata and the active intelligence of advanced analysis and machine learning, the email risk search can reveal patterns of fraud and risk. 

    Your customer’s email address will be checked against a blacklist of known or highly suspicious email and phone data. A predictive risk score is produced for each customer that ranks their risk from very low to very high. This score continuously improves over time as fraud events are shared, delivering a state of continuous intelligence. With more than 700 global clients driving the feedback loop, there’s a growing force outsmarting fraud together. 

  • More approvals

    Quickly and easily differentiate between bands of risk to approve more transactions. Adjust your cut-off score in line with your business and risk needs in IDMatrix.


  • Better authentication

    Make faster, more confident identity validation decisions based on knowing more about your customer with continuously up-to-date, real-time email metadata. In IDMatrix, you can choose to define your own blacklist and create custom rules.