Protect your employees from one of the fastest-growing crimes in Australia

Identity theft is affecting more and more people every day. Around 1 in 5 Australians report having their personal information misused, with almost 80% of them experiencing a financial loss as a result. You can help protect your employees from experiencing this genuine threat by adding Employee Protect to the suite of benefits in your employee program.


Reduce identity theft risk for employees

Employee Protect is a subscription service designed to give your employees protection against identity theft. Add this service to your employee benefits program to help employees take control of their credit and identity profile. With access to our credit and identity monitoring service, employees can proactively monitor their position and reduce the risk of becoming victims of identity crime.

An Employee Protect subscription allows your employees to:

  • Access monthly credit reports and track credit scores.
  • Receive alerts for certain changes in their credit report.
  • Receive alerts if registered personal information is found on the dark web.
  • Gain peace of mind with up to $15,000 insurance cover in the event of identity theft*.
  • Take control with tips on how to stay safe and protect their identity.


Add value with an Employee Protect subscription

In an increasingly tight talent market across the country, high-value employee benefits can be crucial in attracting top talent. With more people spending time online and identity theft on the rise, identity protection is increasingly on the radar for employees and employers alike.

Add Employee Protect to your benefits program and help protect your employees by offering an industry-leading service by the largest consumer reporting bureau in Australia.

Employees will receive:

  • Access to an Equifax credit and identity monitoring subscription for your employees.
  • Unique activation codes for each employee
  • Option to include your logo and company-specific information on the activation site.
  • Ready-made communication templates to help you share benefit details with employees.
  • Dedicated support from your account manager.


* Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply.