Debt collection doesn’t have to be expensive for you and invasive for your customers. Equifax Engage Plus has all the tools you need to achieve superior results when recovering outstanding debts. Manage everything from a single portal. Reduce your collection costs with automated workflows. Create a positive customer experience. 

Engage with your customers through whichever channel they prefer – SMS, email, voice mail, or post-based mail – at a time convenient to them. Our intelligent bot agents automatically negotiate the customer’s payment plan, offering flexible repayment options.

Everything’s visible and organised in the online Equifax Engage Plus portal. Your customer self-services their account, and you get paid in real-time through an integrated payment gateway.

Engage your customers in repaying their debt

In its first six weeks of operation, more than 30,000 customers used the new payment portal [Equifax Engage Plus]. More than 9,000 debts have been closed out, and payments worth $2.25 million have been made already. This is an increase of 44% compared to the same period last year.
-    a large government department

Equifax Engage Plus transforms your interactions with overdue customers. Replace traditional one-size-fits-all phone calls and letters with customised digital communication and tailored debt repayment plans. Use your customer’s preferred channels. Make it easy to pay. 

Choice, speed and simplicity for your customers. For you, improved recovery rates.

Reduce your collection costs

The Equifax Engage Plus payment negotiation engine and customer portal has increased our overall collections while at the same time, improving customer satisfaction and substantially reducing staffing costs. It continues to be a gamechanger for our business.
-    a debt collection agency

Whether you’re a small business, large organisation or debt collection agency, Equifax Engage Plus makes chasing your debts easy, fast and secure. We handle everything, including demand letters, text messages, emails and phone calls. Use this highly scalable debt collection solution to reduce your operating expenses throughout the entire debt lifecycle. 

Consolidate your debt collection process into a single digital platform. Improve efficiency — decrease costs.