Features & Benefits

Keep track of all communications and deliver a seamless customer experience every time with Equifax Engage. Build experiences that drive repeat business.

  • Communicate with your customers in their native language

    Connect with your customers across 40+ languages. Equifax Engage has an integrated real-time translation service that allows you to respond seamlessly to international customers.

  • Scale your workflows

    Scale quickly and handle peak times with ease. With Equifax Engage chatbots, you can deploy communications rapidly across multiple channels.

  • Deliver exceptional customer service

    Better serve your customers by communicating with them using the digital channels they prefer. The multiple communication channels of Equifax Engage make interactions faster and more efficient. Automate message delivery at the time of day of your choice for optimal engagement.

  • Maintain data security and privacy

    100% Australian-based, Equifax Engage data sovereignty ensures your customer communication data will be protected and kept onshore.

  • Increase your business opportunities

    Make interactions easier and harness more business opportunities with a consistent approach to customer communication. Use reminder and marketing campaign tools, appointment scheduling and chatbots in one unified platform for greater efficiency.

  • Fast track your market research
    Get fast consumer research for confident data-driven decisions. Equifax Engage uses industry-leading automation to provide high-quality market research solutions at lightning speed.
  • Validate customer phone numbers quickly and easily
    Determine the connection status of any landline or mobile number to improve fraud detection and increase sales and collections. The Equifax Engage phone number validation tool can simultaneously verify multiple customer phone numbers in real-time.