Gain peace of mind that the individuals or companies you do business with have been suitably vetted. Match your suppliers against a comprehensive global risk database of adverse media including risks specific to modern slavery. 

Screening of current and new suppliers and their supply chains is a vital part of the due diligence process. It provides valuable insights to protect your organisation against regulatory action and reputational damage.

What is adverse media?

Adverse media refers to negative information found across a broad range of global media records sourced from news publications, magazine articles, television and radio transcripts. 

Adverse media monitoring can reveal whether a supplier has been involved with unethical or criminal activity – including modern slavery and financial crime.

Equifax Ethical Supplier Screening takes information from more than 120,000 trusted sources covering 240 countries and territories. More than three billion articles over a ten-year timespan can be searched, ranging from prominent international publications to local reports.

Efficient risk management

Access the self-serve Equifax Ethical Supplier Screening portal to screen large numbers of suppliers at speed. 

Risk information is curated into reports by individuals or organisations and summarised into categories like offence stage, date and source. Alerts keep you updated on emerging risks, with thousands of quality-checked media articles added each day.

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