If you’ve received a copy of your Equifax credit report and found an error it is important that you get it fixed. If something is misspelled, incomplete or inaccurate you can fix it for free.

If information on your credit report is inaccurate it could impact your ability to get the credit you want and the rate you want. Your credit report is one part of the information credit providers can review when they are making a decision on whether or not to provide you with a loan or credit account. A credit provider can use this information along with the details on your application form and any information they may have on you as an existing customer against their lending criteria.

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If you believe there is incorrect or incomplete information on your Equifax credit report, it is important that you get this corrected. The information used to generate a credit report is provided by credit providers to Equifax, which include banks, phone and utility companies.

The most efficient way to correct information on an Equifax credit report is to speak directly with the credit provider that the error relates to, and ask that it be investigated and your credit report amended. We have a handy list of common creditor contacts. Alternatively, Equifax can investigate the subjected information via the Equifax Corrections Portal.

Find out more in our Corrections section.

Learn more: Read our "How to correct your credit report" fact sheet