Who has access to my employee information?

No one has access to your employee's information without the employee giving consent. All Verifier organisations are screened and checked (credentialled) before being allowed to access the Verification Exchange. All Verifiers must get the employee's permission to access their data. When the employment income data is accessed, a record of access, a copy of the data provided and the purpose is logged. We hold that record for an appropriate period as permitted by the Privacy Act, and not longer than 2 years (subject to any other specific legal requirements).

How can my employees access their information in the Verification Exchange?

If an employee would like a copy of their personal information held by us through the Verification Exchange, they can contact us. We can provide a copy of that to the employee within a reasonable period after their request is made, and usually within 30 days.

Can employees block their information?

Yes. When there is a data dispute employees can temporarily block their individual information by contacting the Verification Exchange. Typically this may be done for reasons such as data errors and the records are blocked until the dispute is resolved.

Can employees see who has accessed their information?

Only a Verifier your employee has authorised can access their employment income information, so your employee will know who has accessed it. An employee can also call the Verification Exchange and request a copy of all their personal information held by us in Verification Exchange.

Can I see what data is available in the Verification Exchange?

Employers are, of course, aware of the data they have contributed and updated to Verification Exchange. Once held, the Verification Exchange data can only be viewed with the consent of the relevant employee, so employers cannot see the data there. The Verification Exchange holds historical employment income data for up to 3 years in respect of an employee.

Do you use the employee data for any other purposes?

We only use personal information in the data for the limited purposes of delivering the Verification Exchange services as set out in our Terms of use and Collection Statement.