Place, Extend or Remove a ban on my Equifax credit report

Placing a ban (or freeze) on your credit report can help prevent fraudulent accounts being opened in your name. While a ban is in force, credit providers cannot view your credit report without your specific written permission.

More information on credit report bans can be found on our FAQ page

How do I place a ban on my Equifax credit report?

If you would like to place, extend or lift a ban on your Equifax credit report, please enter your details in the form below.

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Note: If you are a victim of the recent Optus/Medibank/ahm Data Breach Incident and do not have a Police or Cyber Report reference number, please enter Optus/Medibank/ahm Data Breach in the field above.

If you are concerned about your identity being stolen it is important that you place a ban on your credit report with each credit reporting body in Australia.

I request Equifax to send this ban period request (including any supporting information) to illion and Experian. I understand that Equifax will share this ban period request and is not responsible for the actions of the other Credit Reporting Body (“CRB”). Please note the other CRB may contact you directly to confirm the actions they have taken or any additional information they may require.

If you have requested a credit ban period with other credit reporting bodies (CRBs), i.e. illion or Experian, please contact them directly to request the ban be lifted on their credit reports.

Experian - 1300 783 684 or visit

illion - 1300 734 806 or visit