If you believe someone has used your personal details to fraudulently obtain credit it is important to act immediately. This can be stressful and worrying; to help ease some of your concerns Equifax can help you by placing a ban on your Equifax credit file.

A ban on your credit file will prevent credit providers from accessing your credit report as part of a credit check. This helps to safeguard against anyone using your information to fraudulently take out credit in your name.

Credit Report Ban Topics

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Ban my Equifax credit report

If you think you’ve been the victim of identity theft, placing a ban on your credit report can help prevent fraudulent credit applications in your name.

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Credit Report Ban Trending Questions

Please click here to place a ban on your Equifax credit report.

The initial ban period is for 21 days, but can be extended upon your written request if there are reasonable grounds.

If you are concerned about your identity being stolen it is important that you place a ban on your credit report with each credit reporting body in Australia.

The OAIC also have a fact sheet on fraud and your credit report: https://oaic.gov.au/privacy/credit-reporting/fraud-and-your-credit-report/