Credit Report Ban

Worried you are a victim of identity theft? Put a ban on your credit report to help protect your credit reputation

A Credit Report ban helps if you think your identity may have been stolen. If you have reasonable grounds to believe you have been or are likely to be victim of fraud, you can request a ban on your Credit Report. Place a ban on your Equifax Credit Report here.

Placing a ban on your Credit Report will prevent credit providers from accessing your Credit Report as part of a credit check.

While the ban is in place your credit information can’t be disclosed by a credit reporting body. Credit providers will not be able to see credit reporting information on any part of your Credit Report without your specific written permission.

This helps to safeguard against anyone using your information to try and fraudulently take credit out in your name.

If you are placing a ban on your Credit Report it is important to do so with each credit reporting body in Australia.

If you would like to place a ban or extend a ban on your Equifax credit report, please enter your details into the form - Click here

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