If you've been rejected on a loan application due to an item on your Equifax credit report or believe there is something incorrect you firstly need to get a copy of your credit report.

You can get your Equifax credit report for free or you can subscribe to one of our Equifax product packages which will enable you to monitor and track your credit report and Equifax Score over time.

Once you have your Equifax credit report, you’ll need to review the items and check the personal identity information is correct and review the details of credit enquiries and any defaults. If in reviewing your Equifax credit report you find information such as an enquiry or default from a credit provider you do not recognise or are unaware of, it is important to have it investigated.

To start a correction investigation you’ll need the details of the entries on your Equifax credit report that you are disputing, such as the date the entry was listed on your Equifax credit file, account/reference numbers and amounts.

To ensure a smooth process you will need to ensure you have the details of these disputed entries items on your Equifax credit report before proceeding with the submission of a correction request.

The information used to generate an Equifax credit report is provided by credit providers to Equifax, which include banks, phone and utility companies.

The best way to correct information on a credit report is to speak directly with the credit provider that the error relates to, and ask that it be investigated and your credit report amended. Equifax also offers a free service to help your correct your credit report.

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