Features & Benefits

The first step before doing business with anyone

You can reduce the risk of not getting paid with Commercial Entity Validation from Equifax.

Before doing business with anyone, download our business search and entity check reports for instant online results that give the full picture of who you’re doing business with.

  • Help minimise entity and credit risk with a quick business check
  • Employment Verification Australian company legitimacy and key information through ASIC 
  • Access crucial company information when you need it
  • Instant access to download reports online.

Reports are powered through our online portal IQ Connect and the advanced Visualisation.

Visualisation is the online portal from Equifax that transforms a complex web of ownership structures into simple interactive diagrams for quick and easy review and interpretation.

  • Company Extracts

    Instant company validation, checking the latest ASIC records for information such as the legal entity name, structure, address and the names of directors and shareholders. Both current and historical searches are available.

  • Company Relational Extracts

    Check the latest ASIC records to view your client/customers’ interests in other companies as a shareholder or owner. Equifax’s extracts canvas international companies and uncover current and historical associations.

  • Company Beneficial Ownership Report

    Validate the real names of the company owners to make sure you’re dealing with the right people. Also view corporate ownership structures and the latest Equifax company extracts.

  • Personal Name Extracts

    This report effectively assesses the business risks associated with the people behind the business by reviewing the status of companies for which each individual was a director.

  • PPSR Grantor Search

    Find out what claims other creditors have over your clients’ business assets to make sure your security is protected against client bankruptcy and adverse financial occurrences.