Features & Benefits

Equifax Credit Insights, a Data as a Service (DaaS) for licensed credit providers, helps you compare your business performance across the customer journey to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to an everchanging Credit landscape.

  • Enhance competitive benchmarking

    Benchmark your business against peers and your industry with market insights around the credit industry in Australia. Standard and Custom Peer Group benchmarking is also available (subject to Equifax approval), allowing you to compare your market share against similar organisations for strategic benchmarks.

  • Measure customer lifecycle performance

    Measure your business at each stage of the customer lifecycle journey with performance metrics from initial enquiry through to new accounts, your portfolio and closed accounts.

  • Improve decisioning with credit enquiry data

    Make actionable business decisions using Credit Insights DaaS to interrogate available market share for credit enquiries.

  • Leverage quality data

    Assess opportunities and challenges in the market with granular detail. Credit Insights DaaS enables you to interrogate market share with de-identified data for newly opened, current and closed credit accounts.

  • Improve risk analysis

    View your Credit Insights DaaS report by credit score bands - negative, positive and Equifax One Score - to analyse risk.

  • Expand your view

    Integrate geographic and demographic data sources for an expanded view.  Receive insights by state to analyse movements of the general local credit enquiry behaviour.

  • Safeguard data

    Benefit from robust data security that safeguards data in transit and at rest. Improve workforce efficiency and employee autonomy by enabling seamless and secure access to data.