Make informed decisions across the customer lifecycle

Equifax Credit Insights, a Data as a Service (DaaS) that allows you as our customer to develop your strategies by providing de-identified data around the entire customer lifecycle with benchmarks against the industry and peers. 

Providing weekly updates on changes in the lending market within Australia, allowing you to quickly assess your competitive position and identify improvement opportunities at each customer lifecycle stage. Explore details on Lending Type, Geography, Demographics, Risk Score, Conversion, CCR Account Insights, Repayment, and Enquiry Behaviour.

With ongoing weekly access to Credit Insights aggregated data by marketplace and provider category you can:  

  • Benchmark against the total market, industry groups and personalised peer groups 
  • Measure your lending product performance at every stage, from Credit Enquiry to Account Closed on CCR
  • Regularly assess the strategic impact 
  • Implement tactical changes in response to market shifts.

Credit Insights DaaS allows you to plug and play with data.

Grow with agility

Equifax Credit Insights DaaS makes data accessible enabling your business at all levels of the decision chain

  • Helps Product and Marketing teams analyse the impact of interest rate changes by looking at the number of enquiries received over time.
  • Provides Product, Risk and Operations team an understanding around the dimensions that are converting at a higher or lower rate to others.
  • Provides Risk, Operations, and Collections teams with insights on the leavers segment. It provides details of the segment leaving by credit scores, the rate at which they’re leaving and the reason for leaving (i.e. refinancing versus successfully repaying loan).
  • Provides information around the value and volumes of the accounts of your existing customer portfolio with their recent missing repayment history.
  • Provides insights to company executive level movements such as directorship changes.

Trusted provider of consumer credit insights

Powered by our advanced analytic capabilities and Australia’s leading credit bureau. Equifax is your trusted provider of consumer credit insights. Benefit from accurate, consistent and reliable credit enquiry and analyse consumer behavioural trends across the credit industry.