Features & Benefits

Debtor IQ is your view into the payment behaviour of your customers. Combining commercial information from Australia’s largest credit bureau with your own and others accounts receivable data provides unique insights into your commercial credit customers.

  • Reduce bad debt
  • Identify high risk customers
  • Optimise collections
  • Track performance of your accounts receivable
  • Improve credit terms for good payers

Upgrade to Debtor IQ Premium

Debtor IQ Premium gives even more insight into the credit risk of your customers, including a weekly risk score for your accounts indicating the probability of a credit adverse event occurring in the next 12 months, quick links to target High Risk, Collectible or Performing accounts as well as Industry payment comparisons and more.

Upgrade to Debtor IQ Premium to get even more detailed insights into the payment behaviour and credit risk of your customers:

  • A risk score predicting the probability of adverse on your customers in the next 12 months
  • Identify high exposure, high risk accounts
  • Target collectible accounts that are paying others faster than you
  • Compare your payment experiences to others in your industry
  • Load multiple ledgers or segment your portfolio and report by department, region or sector
  • Debtor IQ Connect access

Through Debtor IQ you will access:

  • HealthCheck

    A free HealthCheck each time you load your data, helping you ensure you have the latest information on your customers, including summary adverse counts.

  • Trade Payment Trends and Analysis

    Analysis across your accounts receivable, including late payment comparisons to the market to track how quickly your customers are paying you compared to others.

  • Portfolio Risk Analysis

    Profiling of your overall portfolio using the Portfolio Review Score to highlight credit risk across your portfolio, including risk trends profile across credit risk categories.

  • Industry Payment Comparisons

    Available with Debtor IQ Premium

    Assess how quickly your customers are paying you compared to other creditors in your Industry.  Select up to 5 Industry sectors to compare.

  • Multiple Ledger Reporting

    Available with Debtor IQ Premium

    Load your data from multiple ledgers and view Debtor IQ reports and analysis across 1 or many of your ledgers.

  • Risk Score & Trends Per Account

    Available with Debtor IQ Premium

    An Equifax risk score for each of your customers (where available) updated weekly to provide a historical and current view of the risk of adverse across each of your customers.

  • Quick Links and Account Filters

    Available with Debtor IQ Premium

    Identify Most Collectible, High Risk and Best Performing accounts through filters and quick links from the portfolio homepage.

  • Debtor IQ Connect

    Available with Debtor IQ Premium

    Connect with other credit and finance professionals in your industry, association or organisation. Debtor IQ Connect provides access to join and create closed user groups for sharing information about negative and positive experiences with your debtors. Based on the Trade Bureau model of information sharing, Debtor IQ allows you to flag debtors for review, request trade references, view announcements or simply connect with others in your group.