Debtor IQ is a powerful online tool that offers a smarter way to manage your debt collection and negotiate your payment terms to reduce bad debt, decrease collection costs and improve cash flow.

By combining the data from Australia’s largest bureau with your account receivables, Debtor IQ clearly charts and maps all your customers’ payment behaviour, including with other suppliers in your category, so you can make more informed decisions to minimise credit risk.

With the power to predict when a business is in financial difficulty, visualise trends and instantly see which debtors are good payers and which are delaying, you can transform your sales and collections to target customers who are spending more and paying faster.

Debtor IQ can help your business:

  • Reduce bad debt across your commercial customer portfolio
  • Improve cash flow and profitability by effectively managing your credit terms
  • Reduce costs associated with debt recovery and collections
  • Manage your credit risk and get a clearer picture on your customers
  • Target customers who are spending more and paying faster
  • Improve your customer data quality to help you manage your customer information


Debtor IQ summary screenshot