Benefits of Equifax data visualisation

  • Multiple data sources

    Analyse multiple data sources at speed within the Equifax Ignite environment.

    Executives, risk managers, and business analysts have direct access to data that can provide actionable insights into benchmarking, performance and markets.

  • Scalable and Customisable

    Create visualisations that are scalable and customisable to your needs.

    Work with Equifax to create new apps specific to your business problems.

  • Interactive Tools

    Drill deeper into your data to understand the analysis at various levels of detail.

    Use interactive data points within each image to manipulate and interact with your data.

  • Compliant

    Meet compliance requirements by keeping your data safer and more secure.

    All data used within the marketplace is aggregated and anonymous, to help protect against data theft, fraud and regulatory noncompliance.