Features & Benefits

Credit checking an international company gives you the peace of mind you need to confidently do business with international companies. Our International Credit Report is a reliable, fast and low cost international credit check service.

  • Reduce international reporting costs
  • Cost-effectively perform due diligence on prospective customers, suppliers, distributors, agents and licensees
  • Analyse competitors
  • Protect against bad debts
  • Deal with confidence in foreign markets with any overseas company
  • Get the best picture of an international company

Risk management on overseas businesses made easy

Scratch the surface of the IQ Connect easy-to-use online portal, and you’ll uncover the most advanced tracking and source technology available in International Credit Check Reports.

  • Quick and easy

    Available at the click of a button.  You receive an interim credit report within minutes, and a fully-checked report within an average of five working days worldwide.

  • The best information available

    Powered through the Equifax and GlobalCIS® partnership, each report now gives you access to the most current and comprehensive insights on 65 million companies across 230 countries - and a one-stop global network of experienced credit investigators.

  • Reports that are easy to use and understand

    Regardless of the country the company is located in, you will get consistent content, credit scoring, risk analysis, methodology, and language.

  • Standard and cost effective pricing

    The cost of an International Credit Report is the same across each of the 230 countries, making it a cost effective way to investigate offshore businesses.

  • Accessible via a single, comprehensive online platform

    IQ Connect, is a powerful portal with endless insights, designed to simplify and speed up all your essential risk management processes.

  • Combine with other risk management reports

    Equifax has a suite of due diligence reports and credit check measures to compliment the Equifax International Credit Reports, which can help you complete the picture of your international company.

  • Available as a one-off investigative measure or ongoing support tool

    For single customer investigations, Business Credit Express will complete your company profiles in minutes. To include Equifax International Credit Reports and other credit check searches into your ongoing risk management processes, IQ Connect will support you.