When you work across national borders, a reliable, fast and low-cost international credit checking system is an essential tool. You can better select the right suppliers, protect your investment from bad debtors and even check on your competitors.

International Credit Report from Equifax cost-effectively delivers the most invaluable package of expertly summarised credit insights on the market. They come complete with our trusted Commercial Credit Score, developed through powerful scoring models that clarify risk in a simple snapshot.

The Equifax and GlobalCIS® partnership ensures you can deal with confidence in foreign markets. Each report now gives you access a comprehensive database of significant credit insights from more 65 million companies across 230 countries - and a one-stop global network of experienced credit investigators.

For one price, no matter what country the business comes from, you receive an interim credit report within minutes, and a fully-checked report within an average of five working days worldwide.

Each report is available as a one-off business investigation, or can complement a raft of due diligence processes, delivered through our online data portal IQ Connect producing reports for all your risk prevention measures.

Our International Credit Reports include:

  • Company details such as status, type and address
  • Classifications, ownership and management details
  • Information on related parties like shareholders and directors
  • Records of any adverse on file and credit enquiries
  • A financial summary
  • A recommended credit limit

How to order a report

IQ Connect subscribers can order an International Credit Report via the International Reports tab in IQ Connect. Not a subscriber? Enquire here.