Features & Benefits

Access to land titles and associated property information such as property valuations is helpful when undertaking credit assessments, ownership investigation, and mortgage application processing.

Thanks to the efficiency of IQ ConnectTM, Equifax's Land Title online capability, you need only to use one login to conduct a land title search that verifies and assesses Australian property ownership from any state or territory.

A single solution for all states to simplify and speed up decision making

Equifax's integrated Land Titles system introduces a single solution for conducting property searches nationally. With consistent forms and terminology throughout the search process and a single standard for workflow steps, regardless of the property's land registry jurisdiction, Equifax Land Titles system takes the guess work out of completing property searches.

Land Titles features

  • Bulk search

    You can process up to 50 land title searches at once, speeding up access to related documents.

  • Next Search / New Search

    Both functions enable you to move onto the next search rather than waiting for the current search to be delivered on screen. You can then review the titles later via the completed search functionality.

  • Favourite Settings

    IQ ConnectTM allows you to select the Land Title tabs as a ‘favourite’, so that it always opens on your preferred search criteria.

  • Email delivery

    You can select to have all land title documents automatically emailed to you, removing the need to wait for the search to be presented on screen

  • Channel flexibility

    IQ Connect’s Land Title information can be accessed by user interface, an XML API or by our decisioning capabilities.

  • Default State setting

    If a user only works on a particular state, they can default the state in their land titles profile, removing the need to select the state each time.