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Frequently Asked Questions

Via email. We will never put your staff’s personal details in the email – it will just be an alert asking them to quickly log in and see what is going on. And then we can work together on ways to stop your identity being compromised any further.

Beyond our welcome email – your staff will only receive an alert if their data is being compromised. We don’t know when crooks will be acting. That’s why we watch everything all the time.

No, there is a limit to the amount of items you can monitoring under the ID Basic service. For details on how many items you can monitor through the Identity Watch feature please see our Equifax ID Basic product page

Your staff details are monitored 24/7. If any information is found to be compromised we will send an alert straight away.

Once your staff have registered the personal information you would like monitored by Identity Watch it takes 12–24 hours for us to carry out the initial scan. We’ll send your staff an email after the first scan is done and let you know what we found.

No. Only your staff will receive an email alert. Your staff then have to log on to the portal – see what’s happening – and start planning the next steps. If you want to take more proactive action, our 24/7 call centre on 138332 can take action on any compromised registered cards, phone numbers or passports. This is a different product to Identity Watch, it’s called Secure Sentinel, but it’s all part of the same family. Just register for it here if this interests you.