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Frequently Asked Questions

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a national online register that lets you register your interests in personal property. Searching and registering on the PPSR is critical risk protection if you are extending credit, selling on terms or leasing to a customer.  

Personal property includes all forms of property other than land, buildings and fixtures, for example, machinery, cars, boats, crops, livestock and equipment.

Before registering on the PPSR, we recommend you obtain independent legal advice. For general advice on Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) compliance, including compliance reviews of your PPSR registrations, Equifax has a team of former insolvency, credit and legal professionals to help you formulate your approach.

Once your PPS registration policy is ready, we have a comprehensive range of products that help you efficiently and accurately create and maintain PPS registrations.       

Yes, we have a batch service that can help you quickly work through a backlog of registrations that you may need to create, amend or discharge. Talk to your Account Manager to find out more. 

Equifax’s Entity Verification service (Organisation ID or Org ID) helps validate an entity against the Equifax databases as well as ASIC and other third party databases.

Our VIN Validation service validates VINs against POLK, to help you check you are searching or registering against the right motor vehicle.

These checks are based on the information you provide and help to ensure identifiers are entered correctly, reducing the risk of an invalid result.

PPSR in Visualisation has a unique AllPAAP Timeline feature which flags the secured party with the earliest AllPAAP, helping you to assess which secured party has priority. The AllPAAP Timeline uses original ASIC start dates rather than Register Commencement Time, where present, in order to help with this assessment.

Yes. With Equifax, you can easily search on any, or all, of an organisation’s identifiers, in accordance with your search policy.