New South Wales State Government

Contract: Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty Ltd is prequalified to provide the full range of assessment services: Basic, Medium and Comprehensive.

Contract: Financial Advisory Services - Privately Financed Projects and Specialist Industry

Contract: Panel for Technical/Compliance Audits and Economic/Financial Advice

Contract: Audit and Assurance Services

Victorian State Government

Contract: Commercial & Financial Advisory Services and Financial Assessment Services

Western Australian State Government

Contract: Sub-category - Financial Assessment Services

Australian Federal Government

Contract: Standing Offer Defence Materiel - Organisation Support Services Panel (DMOSS Panel):

  • Project Support: Project Management Support, Risk Management, Measurement
  • Business Support Management: Procurement and Contract Management

Contract: Mercantile Reporting Services that can provide up-to-date publicly available information on companies in an easy to read report format. Information such as current/past directors, shareholders, related entities and contact details are required.

Contract: Panel Supplier of Commercial Information Report Services. Delivery of accurate and high quality CIR Services to the Department of Employment that achieves the best value for money.

Accounting, Audit and Related Professional Services (AARPS) panel.

Panel arrangement for the supply of Accounting, Audit and Related Professional Services.

Piggy back provisions: All agencies may participate in this Standing Offer



Contract: Standing Offer Arrangement for the provision of Professional Services (Management, Finance, Procurement and Human Resources) Contractors and Consultants to the Queensland Government>

Contract: Business Management Services