Corporate Scorecard, a division of Equifax, offers expertise in procurement related financial viability assessments. Its team of unrivalled procurement risk management experts can help you to understand your counterparty's financial viability and capacity to assist you to make sound business decisions in tender evaluations, expressions of interest, panel selections and other procurement situations.

These risk management insights are a must in any due diligence process, used heavily across government and by suppliers and contractors.

Report Type

Comprehensive Credit Rating Report

Advanced Financial Assessment

Detailed Financial Assessment

Standard Financial Assessment

Concise / Express Checks







Risk Level






All reports (except Concise & Express Checks) include an option to include a performance assessment based on referee checks.

Help avoid surprises, with insights into current issues and future risk not otherwise apparent.

As credit rating experts, who have assessed more mid-market companies than anyone else in Australia, you can be assured the confidence of the best risk protection measure for better business decisions.

Equifax is appointed to many Government
Panel Contracts.

Procurement risk and dealing with counterparties

Avoid delays, reputational risk and unforeseen legal and re-tendering costs.


You’ll know with whom to extend credit, how much, and when to refuse it.

Grants and Co-funding

Avoid risky business ventures and ensure funds are used effectively


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