What is my credit score? How do I find out what it is?

You can find out how to get your Equifax Score here. By signing up to an annual subscription you can access your Equifax credit report and score and receive an update every year.

For more frequent updates and additional features such as credit alerts, a score tracker and identity monitoring we have a range of different packages.

If you’re simply looking for your free credit report from Equifax you can order it here. Note this does not include an Equifax Score.

What is a credit score? What is an Equifax Score?

Your Equifax Score is a summary of your credit information held by Equifax and indicates how finance and utility providers may view you when applying for credit. It is derived from information held on your credit report as held by Equifax when the score is requested. The Equifax Score is a number between 0-1200 and in simple terms, the higher your Equifax Score, the better your credit profile and the a lower credit risk.

What can be collected in a credit report is strictly regulated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). We calculate the Equifax Score using private and public information collected directly from you as well as from credit providers and other agencies (e.g. repayment histories, court actions relating to debit and credit, insolvency and ASIC records).

Knowing your Equifax Score may help you negotiate a better rate with some lenders. You can also take steps to improve your Equifax Score, if it is low.

Learn more: CreditSmart and ASIC MoneySmart also provide more information about credit scores. 

Can I get my Equifax credit score for free?

You can get your Equifax credit score for free at www.getcreditscore.com.au. Please note that with your free Equifax credit score from GetCreditScore you simply receive the Equifax Score, it does not include the key contributing factors to your Equifax Score which indicate which information on your credit report contributed positively or negatively to your Equifax Score.