Perhaps you are looking to apply for credit, or you’ve recently been declined for credit and are looking for credit repair advice. Or you might just be worried about keeping your identity safe.

We've bundled our credit reports, scores and alerts together with information and identity protection into cost efficient plans, suited to individual needs.

Whatever your concerns, subscribing to our credit and identity plans can help you use credit to get the things you want with confidence. If you are simply after your free Equifax credit report you can access it here


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Check your credit history

Whether you are looking to switch internet or phone service providers, apply for a mortgage or make a large credit purchase such as a car or an overseas holiday, knowing how lenders see you when deciding to extend your credit is one of the smartest things you can do. Checking your credit history before applying for credit can save embarrassing knock backs and could also get you a better deal.

Improve your credit appeal

Improving your credit appeal to lenders also increases the likelihood of being given additional credit - and the first step to improving your credit appeal is managing your credit file. Tracking your Equifax Score is a step in the right direction in managing your credit file.

Protect your reputation

More than one in four Australians have experienced some form of identity crime*. Identity theft can happen in many ways - from someone else using your credit card details to make purchases, or even using your name to open bank accounts or take out loans. The reality is that identity theft can be a stressful, time-consuming and costly experience, and often people don’t realise it has occurred until it's too late.
*Source: Veda Cybercrime and Fraud Report 2015, Veda, November 2015

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