Have you had a lost wallet? Have you had a stolen passport? Want ID theft protection now or if theft should happen in the future?

Your valuables can be gone in an instant. Fortunately, with Secure Sentinel, you can do something about it just as quickly.

Secure Sentinel bundles all your identity protection needs into two cost efficient membership packages.

Secure Plus and the advanced Secure Identity, which exclusively includes your Equifax Credit Report and Credit Alerts, are tailored for your individual concerns and circumstances.

  • 24 x 7 assistance when your wallet or passport is lost or stolen
  • Peace of mind that you’re covered at home or travelling


Protect your most valuable asset, your identity

Protect & Monitor

My Credit File report

Protect your credit reputation by checking that your personal information on your Credit File is accurate and up-to-date.

My Credit Alerts

Protect identity and your credit file from fraud to see if someone applies for credit in your name.

Identity Watch

Get notified if your identity details have been compromised online before your credit cards are used, or your credit reputation is affected.

Key and Luggage Tags

Travel safe with coded key and luggage tags that tells anyone who finds them they can contact us or post them back to us, free of charge.

Online Vault

Help prevent identity theft and financial loss by registering the details of your important documents and valuables and we’ll keep the details safe until you need it for a police or insurance report. ​


Card cancellation and reissue

We’ll arrange to cancel and reissue lost or stolen cards and you’ll be protected from credit card fraud and other crime.

Mobile phone block

We’ll arrange to temporarily block mobile phone use and you’ll be protected from their fraudulent use.

Passport cancellation

If your Australian or New Zealand passport is lost or stolen we’ll arrange for its cancellation and connect you to the Consulate or Embassy for its replacement.​

Emergency Cash

Should your wallet be lost or stolen, you may be eligible for an Emergency Cash Advance of up to A$1,000, wherever you are in the world.*

Identity Guard Insurance

Restore your identity after loss or theft, subject to approval and terms and conditions, with up to A$15,000 cover per annum.*​

* Terms and conditions apply.