Find out who is really renting your property

For the strongest protection, Tenancy Check from Equifax gives you Australia’s most comprehensive tenant screening service – driven by Australia’s largest and most up-to-date data bureau.

The Tenancy Check report gives the power to:


In minutes, you will have a detailed picture of your prospective tenant to help avoid income loss, tenancy tribunals and costly damages from bad tenants down the track.


Set yourself apart from the crowd, going that extra mile for your dream home with this rental reference to show the landlord your excellent tenant history.

One simple, yet powerful online report for peace of mind

A Tenancy Check report may include:

Identity verification (protecting you from identity fraud)

Check against government data sources that a prospective tenant is who they say they are.

Tenant background

Providing past tenant history flagging irregular payments, broken lease conditions, money owing or damages, and termination notices.

Bankruptcy and court documents

Find out if your prospective tenant has had financial trouble or legal issues with information on bankruptcy proceedings, court judgments and writs.

ASIC company background check

 Get insight into your applicant’s business history including company/directorship positions they may hold or have held in the past.