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Premium credity and identity protection

Equifax Premium is our premium level of credit and identity protection, offering access to the full suite of Equifax tools - to put you firmly in control of your credit profile.

In addition to ongoing access to your Credit File, you’ll receive an updated Equifax Score each month, with a Score Tracker tool to track your score over time. This is useful if you’re looking to monitor and improve your Equifax Score in preparation for an important credit application or future purchase.

You will also have access to the Equifax Credit Alert service, which notifies you if there are certain changes made to your Credit File without your knowledge, such as someone trying to apply for credit in your name. 

Equifax Premium also helps to protect your identity online with Identity Watch alerts that detect criminal trading and selling of identity information such as phone numbers, email addresses and credit card numbers. If your details are found to be compromised, you will receive an alert so you can take steps to proactively protect yourself against fraud.

So, what do you get with Equifax Premium?

  • 4 x credit reports per year
  • Equifax Score updated monthly
  • Score Tracker
  • Credit alerts
  • Identity Watch (cyber monitoring)
  • Your Credit and Identity Guard
  • Online membership
  • Resolution Centre
  • Knowledge Area


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