Features & Benefits

From 30 November 2018 annual subscription product plans (Equifax Basic, Equifax ID Basic, Equifax Plus and Equifax Premium) will no longer be offered to new customers by Equifax. Existing customers of these products can still access their subscription by logging into the secure portal.


What's included:

  • Equifax credit report

    Check your credit report so you know what credit information banks and other lenders can see from Equifax when you apply for credit.

  • Equifax Score

    Summarises the information on your report into a number. Simply speaking the higher the score the better the risk. The Equifax Score is a score prepared by Equifax, which is used by some credit providers (although not all) as part of the process to decide whether or not to approve your credit application. Your score is dynamic and generated at a point in time. As a result it changes as information is added or deleted from your credit report. In cases where the Equifax Score is not used, some (but not all) of those credit providers may use information in your Equifax credit report. Learn more in our FAQ section.

  • Score history

    A graph of your Equifax Score over time so you can track it. It includes the key factors that contributed to your score being good or bad. Understanding this helps you make changes so you can improve your score before you apply.

  • Credit alerts

    These help you monitor and protect your credit reputation and safeguard against identity theft by receiving alerts when certain changes occur on your credit file. This includes new credit enquiries which could be someone else trying to apply for credit in your name.

  • Identity Watch

    Stop identity thieves giving you a bad credit rating. We monitor criminal trading and selling of identity information and alert you if your identity details have been compromised online before you are impacted financially.

  • Identity Guard Insurance*

    If you are the victim of identity theft we can help take away some of the stress with up to $15,000* to help restore your identity. This feature is only available with Equifax Premium.

    * Identity Guard Insurance is complimentary with Equifax Premium. The insured person is covered under a Master Policy issued to Equifax Pty Ltd.. Equifax is not the insurer. Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply. See the Identity Guard Insurance Policy Information Booklet for details.

  • Knowledge area

    A comprehensive guide to our personal credit and identity solutions as well as tips and information about managing credit and protecting your identity.

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