Protect your access to credit to support cash flow

Do you run your own business or are you a director of a company? If so, it pays to understand what is on your business’ credit report.

Understanding your credit worthiness helps when you are looking to borrow capital to expand your business or set up or change trading terms with one of your suppliers.

Find out how lenders and suppliers view your business by understanding what is on your business' credit report.

Apply for credit with confidence

Getting a copy of your Business Credit File gives you a clear picture of what banks and other credit providers see about your business when you apply for credit.

Other benefits:

  1. Check your Business Credit File to see what lenders and suppliers see before applying for credit.
  2. Manage and improve your business’ credit file, including knowing who is checking on your business’ credit history and getting insights to help improve your profile.
  3. Protect your access to credit to support cash flow for new growth opportunities and reduce risk from fraud by detecting if any changes to your business’ credit history is out of the ordinary.


SwiftCheck Company Credit Report $4995 per report
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What's included?
This report combines ASIC records with information from our commercial credit bureau and is generated and delivered to you instantly.
  • Credit Score – a helpful, easy-to-read indicator representing the creditworthiness of a business.
  • Company credit information - defaults, court judgements and external administration (if applicable).
  • ASIC registered company information – including ABN/ACN, shareholders, registered address, date of incorporation.