Features & Benefits

Accurate customer data is critical to making the best decisions. Decisions based on old insights can badly impact all aspects of your business. Equifax Alerts arm you with the most up-to-date insights critical to help protect you from additional financial loss and collect on overdue accounts.

Equifax Alerts break the news on customer credit defaults, employment changes, loan applications, bankruptcy proceedings and more, helping you to quickly improve your portfolio management approach and results.

  • Alerts for customer financial distress

    Gain visibility into customer financial distress through payment default and court action triggers

  • Protect against bad debt

    Take action quickly to suspend accounts with notifications of a critical event taking place, such as external administration

  • Ensure portfolio accuracy

    Ease the credit monitoring burden and boost your chances of tracking down customers by keeping your records up-to-date more easily with changes to addresses, names and employment details

  • Secure a more complete customer picture

    Monitor the credit activity of your customers with other credit providers, allowing you deeper context when making credit decisions