Don’t leave things to chance.

Business Credit Express from Equifax connects you to a wealth of business credit reports, both domestic and international, that can tell you if a business or person is risky to deal with.

Easily integrate business credit checks into your day-to-day new or ongoing supplier and customer processes to make sure you know the credit risk of the business or person you are working with.

  • No lock in subscriptions – pay as you go for only what you need, when you need it
  • Easy online portal to download instant reports
  • Employment Verification business legitimacy and key information using ASIC data in Equifax reports
  • Use to mitigate risk before entering into business arrangements, manage cash flow and make better decisions

Investigative Report 

An Investigative Report provides detailed and comprehensive financial information about an Australian business. Completed by a qualified analyst, this report is recommended for high-risk credit decisions.

Company & Director Credit Report 

Quickly and effectively assess the business risks associated with a company and the people behind it by looking at the credit history of both. This instant report is suited for medium- to high-risk business decisions.

Company Credit Report 

A Company Credit Report combines credit history from Equifax's commercial credit bureau with ASIC records to give you insights into the risk levels of a company. Recommended for low-medium risk credit decisions.

Company Extract 

Worried about the legitimacy of an organisation? Check the latest ASIC records to view information such as the legal entity name, structure, address and the names of directors and shareholders. Recommended for low credit or business decisions.

Bankruptcy Check 

Run a simple online Bankruptcy Check of any Australian individual to find out if they are currently bankrupt, or have been in the past. Recommended for individuals in Australia.

International Credit Report 

Check the credit history of an overseas business with an International Credit Report. Equifax has access to a comprehensive database of company reports tallying more than 65 million. Recommended for non-Australian based businesses for all levels of risk.