Features & Benefits

The natural progression to an easy-to-use digital settlement solution is here.

eConveyancing through PEXA delivers all the efficiencies we have come to expect from online transactions in our daily lives.

The PEXA platform removes the need to physically attend settlement and offers:

  • Greater certainty of successful, on-time settlement
  • Greater efficiency for all parties through real time lodgement and settlement in one simple transaction
  • Visible and up-to-date information on the property exchange process
  • Real time lodgement of Land Registry documents
  • Fast access to cleared funds for property sellers

By using Equifax’s online portal IQ Connect, you’ll be able to do more than conduct a settlement through PEXA. Equifax will help you pull together the information you need to step through to the final settlement stages.

IQ Connect offers you fast and easy access to our entire portfolio of property and identity verification solutions including IDMatrix for online verification and ZipID for face-to-face verification of identity.

When choosing Equifax you will enjoy:

  • Fast and easy access to PEXA

    Connect to PEXA and our full range of solutions through IQ Connect. Access to one central, web-based portal will help you save time, effort and paperwork – allowing you to focus on what you do best.

  • Free training sessions

    Equifax supports you and your practice every step of the way in your transition to using PEXA. Register to attend free webinars and personalised training (online or face-to-face).

  • Identity verification online or face-to-face

    Our online verification of identity solution, IDMatrixTM, can be added to your workflow to electronically store and verify the identity documents of all parties to a residential property settlement. Or, if face-to-face is what you’re after, ZipID’s service is flexible, fast and available at a date and time that suits you (including Saturdays).

  • Built in fraud assessment

    With a fraud assessment feature built-in to the identity verification process, you can reduce the risk of fraudulent property transactions.

  • National Land Title search

    Using IQ Connect to connect with Equifax’s Land Title online capability, you only need to use one login to conduct a land title search that quickly confirms Australian property ownership from any state or territory.

  • Instant Property Valuation reports

    Equifax’s Property Valuation solution will minimise your clients’ risk exposure with the latest property value snapshot; a comprehensive and detailed property value report.

  • Anywhere, anytime access

    Work conveniently from your office, home or on the go. All you need to access IQ Connect is an internet connection.