Gone are the days of lawyers and banks meeting in a room to settle a property purchase. Completing a property transaction is now digital, making the job quicker, easier and more accurate for all parties.

eConveyancing through the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) platform removes the need to physically attend settlement by allowing Land Registries, financial institutions and conveyancing practitioners to transact together online.

PEXA provides time and cost efficiencies by reducing the time spent preparing documents and removing the need to physically attend settlement. Settling property with online technology greatly standardises procedures and reduces the prevalence of errors and failures in land transactions.

Making the transition to eConveyancing

Equifax, as a PEXA sponsor, can facilitate your connectivity to PEXA and provide you with assistance to seamlessly transition from the traditional manual settlement process to online.

Equifax will also give you fast and easy access to our entire portfolio of property solutions for the most accurate and trusted information you need.