Features & Benefits

Dealing with distressed entities can potentially lead to unexpected delays, unforeseen costs – or worse – all because of customers becoming insolvent, or contractors and suppliers making commitments beyond their capacity.

Don’t get caught out - effective business risk mitigation is vital

The range of different reports, prepared by accredited ratings professionals, ensure you receive a fit-for-purpose, risk assessment that can also be customised depending on your needs and industry sector.


Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty Ltd [AFSL#341391]

Reports are delivered within 4 to 10 business days.

  • Concise / Express Check
    • Recommended for small, short term contracts or preliminary screening of tender responses
    • Available online or in batch
    • An initial snapshot of corporate and financial risk
    • Details of corporate structure, office holders and public records checks with risk assessment
  • Standard Financial Assessment
    • Recommended for small, short term contracts
    • An initial guide and score to measure financial risk and capacity
    • Review of two years of financial statements
    • Outlines and analyses a number of key risk factors
  • Detailed Financial Assessment
    • Recommended for small to medium-sized contracts
    • A guide and score to measure financial capacity
    • Detailed review of four years of financials
    • Outlines of industry position and analysis of risk factors
  • Advanced Financial Assessment
    • Recommended for medium-sized and multi-year engagements
    • More detailed analysis of critical risk factors and categories
    • Ongoing sustainability measures are evaluated
    • Detailed review of funding sources and maturity, debt serviceability and overall risk outlook
  • Comprehensive Credit Rating Report
    • Recommended for large-sized and multi-year engagements
    • Comprehensive analysis of critical risk factors and parameters
    • Detailed analysis of cash flow projections, group structure and market analysis
    • Provides an official Credit Ratings through a committee review process
    • Peace of mind with professional opinion and recommendations from our qualified experts