Features & Benefits

Success finding who you are looking for is often the result of a smart and targeted approach.

Equifax's Collections Reports and Alerts are advanced people search and recovery tools. They speed up your efforts and increase your chances of making contact. This is because they give you more accurate personal details than you'd ever likely find using publically available information.

Collections Report

This is ordered when a collections process is first instigated.

Collections Alerts

Real-time notifications for when individuals update their contact details during the collections assignment. These can be daily, weekly, fortnightly or on a configured basis.

Proven skip tracing tools to get better collections results:

  • Reduce costs

    Slash credit collections costs with all the debt information specifically needed by merchants and lenders.

  • Improve accuracy

    Cut people search or ‘skip tracing’ times and costs with better collections data accuracy. Avoid wasted calls and mail outs, by only searching updated and accurate data.

  • Reliable data

    Secure peace of mind with Equifax’s trusted rich, reliable data.

  • Better insights

    Manage debtors facing bankruptcy with better insights.

  • Guideline compliance

    Meet debt collection guidelines.