Device Intelligence

Is your customer's device fraudulent?

People connect to your online business with all kinds of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and notebooks. No matter what the platform, a customer's device can present the weakest link in cyber security.

The Device Intelligence feature is a cloud-based, real-time device identification solution which helps to protect businesses against cyber criminals and validate returning customers and prospects. The component ensures the devices your applicants are applying on are trusted and have not been used in other known fraudulent transactions. It also takes verification a step further to track and recognise good behaviour as well and adverse behaviour based on factors that are important to your organisation.  

Device Intelligence is regarded as one of the most important first lines of defence for any organisation with an online presence.

Key Features

  • Strength in device detection and profiling users
  • Configurable to your business needs
  • Leverage off real time shared data

How it Works

The individual’s device information is captured in real time during a visit to your website. Your webpage provides the device information directly to ThreatMetrix for profiling and a unique key is provided to IDMatrix. 

A series of pre-configured or custom rules are run against the device information to determine it trustworthiness. The device is also compared to the global intelligence network to alert for any suspicious behaviour. 

With the use of the unique key, the device information partnered with the IDMatrix transaction is then fed back into the fraud assessment framework to be considered as part of your overall IDMatrix result.