Range of Delivery Channels

Delivery Channels

IDMatrix works across a range of delivery channels to suit your organisation's internal systems. Choose to access IDMatrix from a standalone, online application or via an XML web service that can seamlessly integrate with your customer facing forms. Alternatively, choose a hybrid version for both back and front-end customer-facing processes.

IDMatrix API Web Service

An API Web Service is a direct connection from your backend systems to the IDMatrix API Web Service.

Using the IDMatrix API creates a seamless user experience as it leverage's your front end forms for data capture and offers the greatest flexibility as you call the required services when needed.

IDMatrix Web Access

IDMatrix Web Access is a standalone, online application for manual verifications.

This channel does not require an IT project and is the fastest way to gain access for back office processes. IDMatrix Web Access is commonly used to gain immediate benefits while an API integration is in progress.

IDMatrix Remediation

IDMatrix Remeditaion is a hybrid of the standalone, online application but is used by your customer to verify themselves.

Simply provide IDMatrix a list of your customers with a login key and we can offer a skinned Web Access login for them to complete their verification. IDMatrix Remediation is excellent for large customer bases where you have an interactive verification process.

IDMatrix API Web Service + Self-Verification

This hybrid integration utilising both the IDMatrix API Web Service and IDMatrix Web Access application, allows you to perform an initial verification with the API and generates a login token. If required, an applicant can then continue their verification using the Web Access screens for any additional verification steps using the token.

IDMatrix Self-Verification minimises project cost as additional verification steps are managed by IDMatrix.

IDMatrix Batch Service

IDMatrix Batch Service is an offline tool to run verifications using your customer data against all data sources.

Uses of the batch tool include re-verifications of your customer base or running proof of concepts to assess the impact of a scorecard adjustment.