Phone Number Validation

Phone with lockIs the phone number supplied actually connected?

Add a layer of trust and traceability for each customer by running their phone numbers through a passive phone verification check.

With no additional interaction required from the customer, Phone Number Validation will ascertain whether their numbers are active in Australia and can be contactable. Not only does this provide you with a rich source of customer phone number data but t also acts as an excellent fraud predictor.

The Phone Validation module can simultaneously assess multiple numbers in real time as a standalone service or can be incorporated as part of an identity verification check.

Key Features

  • Ensures your customers are providing real phone numbers
  • Very quick service with no customer interaction required
  • Simultaneously assess multiple numbers in real time

How it Works

By providing IDMatrix with multiple phone numbers, the Phone Validation feature will poll each number and return an indicator to the fraud assessment framework.

The phone number polling results are then compiled in the fraud assessment framework to be considered as part of your overall IDMatrix result.