Identity Verification

Whether you have an obligation under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act to Know Your Customer, need to meet ARNECC’s Verification of Identity Rules or just want to establish further trust with your customers, IDMatrix has a verification solution for you.

Identity Verification sits at the core of the IDMatrix service and can be configured to meet your business and compliance requirements.  Allowing a risk-based approach, you specifying which verification data sources are to be searched, the rules to determine a successful outcome and the user experience workflow, your business is in complete control of the verification processes.

Coupled with Fraud Assessment and Come to You (Face to Face) capabilities, IDMatrix is Australia’s most comprehensive Identity Verification solution.

Key Features

  • The only solution in Australia to offer both Electronic and Face to Face Verifications
  • Extensive array of  verification sources including the DVS
  • Design a workflow that suits your business requirements

How it Works

By providing IDMatrix with an individual’s personal details including name, date of birth, current and previous address, date of birth and document identifiers, the Identity Verification framework searches and matches against an array of independent, reliable and secure data sources of your choice.

The Identity Verification framework then washes the data source results against your organisations pre-configured business rules to calculate an overall outcome.  All scores and outcomes, including granular data sources results are stored in a Portal for future reporting and auditing purposes.