Fraud Lookup

Identify fraud at the point of application

At its most organised, syndicated fraud presents significant financial risk and is one of the greatest challenges that organisations face. It's important to balance a good customer experience with having enough measures in place to mitigate from the risks of fraud.

By joining the Fraud Focus Group (FFG) from Equifax, you can use the Fraud Lookup feature to gain access to an invaluable data source of confirmed fraud events that can be used as an early warning system to identify fraud at the point of application and before substantial losses occur. The feature is a passive background check that requires no interaction from an individual.

Fraud Lookup is the only one of its kind in Australia, providing FFG members with access to a depth of information not available anywhere else. The pooling of member-provided data assists in the identification of common trends in fraud activity as well as additional intelligence, fraud patterns and market insights. In addition, Equifax enriches this information by contributing valuable third-party data including police listings.

Key Features

  • The real time data is an excellent predictor of fraudulent applications
  • Australia’s large repository of investigated and proven fraudulent data points 
  • Collaborative, knowledge-sharing service that helps members identify fraud 
  • Increase your fraud surveillance and improve detection rates

How it Works

After becoming a member of Fraud Focus Group (FFG) you can gain access to the Shared Fraud Database.

By providing an individual’s depersonalised data elements (i.e. no names or dates of birth) that are commonly found in fraudulent applications, the Fraud Lookup feature will return any matched records.

The Fraud Lookup results are fed back into the fraud assessment framework to be considered as part of your overall IDMatrix result.