Second Factor Authentication

Can your customer return a PIN we SMS to them

Gain greater confidence in your customers knowing they have provided a legitimate phone number and have access to a device associated with that number. The Second Factor Authentication feature generates a one time use, unique code and sends it to a customer’s phone. By providing the unique code back, it establishes that the customer has access to a mobile or landline with that number. 

Like Phone Number Verification, Second Factor Authentication also provides you with enriched customer contacts. Knowing a customer has access to a device that can be contacted is excellent for building up a comprehensive contact management database.  Second Factor Authentication should be used in combination with Device Intelligence and Phone Number Verification to build a clear picture of your customer’s device profile.

Key Features

  • It's an interactive check to ensure your customer has access to the device associated with a phone number 
  • Sendsthe pin code to either a mobile or landline
  • Configure the SMS or voice message that the customer receives with the pin code

How it Works

By providing IDMatrix with a mobile or landline number, the Second Factor Authentication feature will send a one time, unique code via SMS or voice message to that number. The customer must then provide the pin back to IDMatrix with the associated number.

The outcome from the second factor authentication is fed back into the fraud assessment framework to be considered as part of your overall IDMatrix result.