Your Business Rules

Do you have minimum requirements for verifying applicants?  Or do you need to reach electronic or face to face safe harbour? And what about verification standards?

Business rules within IDMatrix are flexible enough to manage complex compliance requirements for organisations across numerous industries.  Define your rules and we will configure your profile accordingly.

Setting business rules is extremely important in the success of achieving your business objectives.  With years of searching and matching experience, as well as direct access to the underlying data, Equifax can help you tweak your business rules to maximise their impact. All you need to focus on is how many components are required to generate a successful outcome. For example, name, address, date of birth and documents.

Key Features

  • Develop your rules to meet your compliance requirements whilst maximising business objectives
  • Business rules are flexible and can be changed over time to improve pass rates
  • Configure multiple rules to cater for different risk profiles across your organisation

How it Works

Simply determine the number of data sources and types of components you would like to contribute to a successful identity verification outcome, ensuring your business rules reflect your organisation's risk profile and business objectives.  
The IDMatrix Support Team will assist in the set-up of your business rules in an IDMatrix scorecard and provide you with testing before production.
Every IDMatrix transaction is run via a decision engine configured with your business rules.  The result of each transaction is fed back into your identity verification framework for consideration as part of your overall outcome.