Multiple Verification Sources

IDMatrix gives you access to the most comprehensive range of verification and fraud data in Australia.  Identities are cross-referenced and screened against more than 30 identity data sources, fraud registers and sanction screening lists, providing a full picture of who you are doing business with.
Equifax holds more fit-for-purpose identity data than any other organisation in Australia.  We hold information on 2.5 million companies and 1.7 million registered business names that are actively trading, as well as information on 19.4 million credit-active people.

Key Features

  • Access to Australia’s largest and richest sources of identity data including proprietary name and address sources
  • Passive background checks and interactive data sources
  • Equifax is a Gateway Service Provider to the Attorney General's Document Verification Service (DVS)
  • Fraud data and watch lists

What Sources does IDMatrix Access?

  • Proprietary data sources from Equifax include the Consumer Credit Bureau, Public Records and Tenancy Database
  • Other Equifax hosted sources include the Australian Electoral Roll and Public Phone Directories
  • The Document Verification Service
  • Known fraud records
  • Your own customer data and customer watch lists